Sustainable Development

Packetis is a responsible company that has been an important partner in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. Through our customers, we are in the service of patient information and health. This is why we are particularly attentive to Sustainable Development, which is fully integrated into our strategy.

The control and decrease of our environmental impact are therefore our constant concern. ISO 9001 version 2008 certified, Packetis is also integrating ISO 14001 in its Quality Management System.

At all our productions sites we carefully monitor:

  • The generation of production waste (mainly cardboard and paper, but also some special industrial waste).
  • The handling of potentially pollutant waste (notably printing effluents).

At regular intervals, we evaluate our impact on the environment and make any necessary changes when required.

Packetis processes adopt an environmental approach: its Management’s commitment is displayed at its production sites and company supervisors and staff are regularly reminded of sustainable development. This commitment revolves mainly around:

  • Knowledge and compliance with regulation
  • Continuous improvement, notably by close monitoring of action plans
  • Implementing processes to limit our environmental impact, preventing pollution risks
  • Taking the environment into account in investment decisions.

Packetis has strengthened this approach by obtaining the Imprim'Vert label, which is based on the following three criteria:

  • Proper management of dangerous waste
  • Ensuring dangerous liquids are adequately stored
  • Avoiding toxic products.

You will find below our 2014 Imprim'Vert certificates for our different production sites

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