Packetis produces about 100 million wedging systems annually at its dedicated site. Our expertise in this field means we can offer a wide range of solutions, in particular for the pharmaceutical industry.

Packetis is the European leader in wedging solutions for double-pointed vials and bottles, also known as Vial Holders. Glass vials are used mainly in the pharmaceutical and dietary industries.Solutions de calage

There are two main types of vials holders:

  • Glued vials holders
  • Clip-on vials holders

Assembly of the vials holders is different but they are loaded in the same way.

Thanks to its long tradition in this field, Packetis is also able to offer clients innovative wedging solutions for different types of containers (glass or plastic vials, tubes, syringes, etc…). The solutions offered, generally in the form of a case or holder, come in varying degrees of complexity and are made in function of the:

  • Number and shape of the objects
  • Space where the product will be placed
  • Robustness required

For example, Packetis proposes innovative wedging solutions for laboratory workbenches used for analysis (vials, test tubes, syringes, blisters, etc…). These solutions can be reversible, self-standing and protect the products from falling or turning over accidentally.