Packetis prints over 2 billion instruction leaflets annually at its two production sites.

We offer a wide range of leaflet formats in three main areas.

Single leaflets in reel formatNotices Packetis

The company has a long expertise in manufacturing leaflets in reel format. Reels have several main advantages:

  • Added pharmaceutical safety as there is less risk of mixing up leaflets
  • Formats can be adapted to suit various resources and for large print runs
  • Very competitive prices

Multi-pages leaflets

Multi-pages leaflets can be delivered in reels, flat or folded. The leaflets can come in two-, three- or even four-pages formats and have a number of advantages:

  • Larger print area for identical formats
  • Customers’ folding machines do not have to be modified for leaflets with similar formats
  • Improved ergonomy: the booklet format is easier for patients to read.

Special features, such as pre-cut-out response coupons on the back page, can be added to leaflets.


Leaflets can be made and delivered with different degrees of complexity, thanks to our highly sophisticated equipments. Leaflets can be delivered:

  • Folded with single, parallel or accordion folds
  • Flat and stretch-wrapped, if required
  • As outserts (Malabar). Extra thick leaflets are made with several tabs, with up to twelve folds in each direction, held together with adhesive dots.