Packetis prints 600 million labels annually. Its extensive technical expertise means that it can cater for very specific requirements: in addition to printing on standard laminates available on the market today, Packetis also offers coated and laminated labels.

Its label types include:

  • Double-sided printing of the front side:  Packetis can print on the reverse side of labels, which protects the print from abrasion  or chemical attacks
  • Printing of barcodes on the reverse of the label if the front side of the label is opaque and the back is transparent.

For overall print safety, our production site is equipped with spoolers fitted with 100% detection cameras that check each label against a predetermined template.

Our printing processesEtiquettes

  • 4-colour, rotary offset print (8-colour with two passes)
  • 4-colour typographic print (8-colour with two passes)
  • Leaflets can also be individually numbered using the ink-jet process, for batch matching.

Front side

Plastics: Polypropylene, polythene, polyester, PVC
Paper: vellum, opaque, 1 or 2 ply, mat or gloss


  • Luminescent
  • Repositionable
  • Hotmelt or acrylic
  • Non-silicon-based (very glossy overlayglaze on UV ink for paper only; can be glued and printed on)
  • Silicon-based (very glossy overlayglaze on UV ink for paper only)

Sample applications

  • Syringes for dentistry: plastic labels with a 30-micron film, 23-micron support, luminescent glue, rear-sided, 2-colour print. To limit the number of machine stoppages, the labels must be extremely thin so as to achieve the maximum number of labels per reel.
  • Injectable syringes: complex paper or plastic labels with luminescent glue requiring very high precision printing due to the very fine characters used for their codes.
  • Pouches for injectable syringes: paper labels with personalised adhesives (with allowance to facilitate label handling).
  • Syringes for veterinary use: paper or white PE labels with formats up to 314 X 170 mm individually numbered.
  • Glass or plastic vials: paper or plastic labels.

Our varnishes

  • Offset UV varnish or type

- Very glossy overlay varnish on UV ink
- For use on paper only, can be gilded, glued and printed on

  • Flexo UV varnish on glazing machine