Packetis annually prints 1.7 billion cardboard boxes at two production sites. We offer a large variety of products allowing us to respond to the needs of the customers in terms of:

Etuis pliantsPrinting :

  • Acrylic printing offset up to 7 colours online
  • R°/V° printing
  • Metallic silver or pantone ink
  • Gold pressing, hologram printing
  • Printing with UV ink on metallic supports (Metallic polyester film for example)
  • Possibility of double matt/shiny varnish, scratch-off ink, etc.

Cutting :

  • Specific / universal braille
  • Embossing
  • Pre-cut label

Gluing :

  • Complex gluing (Boxes with wedging systems)
  • Boxes with integrated leaflet

Cardboards :

  • GZ type pure cellulose cardboard: cardboard made exclusively from bleached chemical pulp.This high-end cardboard is mainly designed for cosmetic markets.
  • GC type wood interior cardboard: cardboard made of intermediate layers of bleached or unbleached mechanical pulp, set between two layers of chemical pulp. The front is bleached, while the back is often a cream colour or wood (GC2 type of wood back cardboard) but can also be bleached (GC1 type white front cardboard).
  • GD or GT type recycled cardboard:cardboard made from recycled fibre. With close to 400 million recycled cardboard boxes made each year, Packetis offers its clients highly specialised expertise in this field and a mastery of the manufacturing process.
  • Cardboard laminated with metallic film. This cardboard is used to give the printing a very shiny appearance
  • Weights of 230g to 600gsm