Our commitments

Ready to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical safety, Packetis develops long term partnerships with its customers, based on 5 commitments:

Guarantee a high level of product safety

Pharmaceutical Safety is a fundamental value and an on-going concern at Packetis. This concern has led to very precise, rigorous procedures inspired by Good Manufacturing Practices and the involvement of all our staff, who are specially trained to respond to the safety requirements of our customers.

Provide an up-to-date and efficient industrial tool

Our continuous strong investment policy answers to the dual objective of Efficiency and Quality. As far as folding boxes are concerned, for example, our most up-to-date offset presses are all equipped with an eagle-eye system that enables a 100% analysis of every printed sheet.

Offer a back-up production site

The folding boxes and leaflets can be produced at two different sites, which allows us to ensure a production alternative when needed.

Adapt to the specific demands of the customers

Our expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market enables us to guarantee top quality products and services and also to respond to our customers’ industrial production cycles.

Innovate constantly

Faced with constant evolution of the markets, new regulations and the industrial and economic constraints of its customers, Packetis is innovating constantly in products and services alike.

Safety - Traceability – Machinability