MMP Packetis

Packetis, leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Packaging, offers its customers a full range of products and services including folding boxes, leaflets, wedging systems, adhesive labels and After-sales/Maintenance services for leaflets GUK folding machines.

A member of the Ileos packaging group ( which caters for the Luxury goods and Cosmetics industries and Pharmaceutical firms, Packetis offers its customers a very high standard of products and services.

Its full range of products and services, together with a culture of pharmaceutical safety, make Packetis the preferred provider of the Health, Hygiene and Beauty sectors.

Our range of packaging products is used for:

  • Medicines aimed at individuals: ethical and generic medicines, self-medication medicines, vaccines
  • Drugs for animals
  • Food supplements
  • Care products for the cosmetic market

Our customers are among the biggest players in these markets.
Packetis customers


Packetis is the result of a merger in 2007 of two major, long-standing players in the pharmaceutical packaging industry: Rotanotice, leader of the leaflet market, and Packart, second largest manufacturer of cardboard boxes in France.

100 years of experience and innovation to meet the very demanding needs of its customers.

  • Early 20th century: creation of cardboard boxes for transporting silkworms
  • Sixties: creation of the first offset rotary press specially designed for the printing of leaflets and pharmaceutical safety
  • Nineties: launch of the first multi-pages leaflet (first double and then three-pages)
  • 2007: launch of a partnership with ATT (Advanced Track & Trace), leader in the field of digital security – an original and efficient solution in the fight against counterfeiting
  • 2008: launch of the tamper-proof PackEvident® box
  • 2009: launch of the four-pages leaflet
  • 2012 : launch of the PackIridium® technology


packetis-key figures
In 2014, Packetis achieved sales of 81 Million Euros and employs approximately 530 staff.

Our five production sites in Charente and Nord Vaucluse produced:

  • 1.7 billion boxes
  • 2.1 billion leaflets
  • 600 million labels
  • 90 million vial holders and other wedging systems

packetis-industrial sites

  • Cardboard boxes: Chazelles (16, Charente) and Valréas (84, Vaucluse)
  • Leaflets: L’Isle d'Espagnac (16, Charente) and Soyaux (16, Charente)
  • Labels: Soyaux
  • Vial holders and wedging systems : Valréas

All Packetis sites are ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 14001 (2004) certified.

Iso 9001