Packetis has been recognised for several years for its creativity and ability to offer innovative and personalised solutions to its customers. Our development teams create solutions to respond to the needs and constraints of a range of sectors, notably the pharmaceutical sector.

Safety, machinability, traceability are central to Packetis’ innovations. Pharmaceutical firms in particular are faced with growing challenges:

1. A growing requirement for product traceability

The traceability requirement in the Health sector today is subject to new identification technology imposed by European and American legislation, such as DataMatrix coding on a per batch or per unit basis on individual boxes.

2. Reinforcement of the fight against counterfeiting

The fight against counterfeiting is a major public health issue: several countries are facing the challenge of counterfeit drugs and our customers are constantly reinforcing their systems of identification, traceability and authentication for their products.

3. Strengthened legibility of regulatory indications, dosing and medicine administration methods

Article 59 (3) of European guideline 2001/83/CE (amended by guideline 2004/27/CE) introduced a leaflet legibility test to the procedure for obtaining Marketing Authorisation (MA). This measure was brought into effect on October 30, 2005 for European procedures and on May 7, 2008 for national procedures, with a significant impact on the ever increasing size of leaflets.

To respond to these various issues, Packetis constantly proposes innovative solutions to its customers. Some recent innovations include:

  • The PackInsert® box. Fitting instructions into boxes is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing size of the leaflets. To overcome this, Packetis has used its know-how in packaging manufacturing and in folded leaflets to propose a box with an integrated leaflet: the PackInsert® box.This optimal solution from several points of view (online process, no modification of the packaging lines, no impact on production rates, common logistics, etc.) is achieving growing success in the market.


  • The PackEvident® box. Thanks to its simple, tamper proof closure, the PackEvident® tamper proof box responds to a growing demand from our customers for safety in certain markets (Russia for example).


  • The PackNote® box. Packetis has revolutionised the packaging of folded leaflets and now proposes the PackNote®: a size reduction and wrapping solution for folded leaflets that is incredibly simple and complete. Combining paper web with an adhesive, PackNote® combines Ergonomics and Productivity on packaging lines, not to forget the Environment due to a reduction in sourcing, recycling, and gains in space and logistics.


  • Efficient anti-counterfeiting solutions. Thanks to its many technologies, Packetis offers:

    1. A vast range of traditional solutions (holograms, micro-text, security inks or pigments, etc.)
    2. Very innovative solutions in association with ATT, world leader in digital security applied to the Protection of Brands.

  • The Four-pages leaflet: Packetis has used its expertise and know-how for several decades to produce multi-page leaflets (two-pages leaflets in the nineties, three-pages leaflets from 2000). It now offers its customers a four-pages leaflet.This four-pages leaflet, produced in 32 gsm paper to allow for automation on packaging lines, is very ergonomic for patients due to its resemblance to a small newspaper, which also complies with the latest European legibility guidelines.

Our Development Department is at your disposal to analyse your needs and help you achieve them. Please contact us.